Saturday, 28 December 2019

10 Renewable Energy and Green Songs

So its that period between Christmas and New Year where you are not sure what day it is, the diet is mostly leftovers and you are getting ready for the year to come. I spent a car journey between relatives coming up with a top ten songs related to renewable energy and green issues.

This is the list we came up with. Number ten is left empty, please feel free to suggest one in the comments. An obvious start, without need for much of an introduction. This is what we are fighting for and what we have to lose:

 1. Wonderful World.

Louis Armstrong  You can read more about it here 

The Wombles have been on message since 1968. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. They were there and that is why they get number two spot in our list.

 2. The Wombling Song

The Wombles 

With solar panels on our roof (which have now paid for themselves in both money and carbon reduction), clear skies mean free electricity to us, so this one gets position three.

 3. I Can See Clearly Now 

 Hot House Flowers


However, as a country, our reduction in the use of fossil fuels can be put down to our building of wind farms, both on and off shore. As I write this, almost 30% of our electricity is being generated by wind turbines. I'll give the fire a miss, but I'll go with the wind :-)

 4. Fantasy 

Earth Wind and Fire


Now we get to the political ones. This gets into the list for the only Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas.
I won't go on about the fact the Green Party recieved 800,000 votes in the recent election and only have one MP. (Oh wait, I did)

 5. Sweet Caroline

Neil Daimond   

This one is really just dedicated by us to one American. The one who thinks wind turbines cause cancer and climate change is a conspiracy by the Chinese.

 6. American Idiot 

Green Day


And this is our message to him :-)

 7. Science Is Real 

They Must Be Giants


Now for probably our most tentative song. There is no real excuse for this except it came to mind and was part of my childhood.

8. Green Door 

Shaking Stevens 


John Lennon only gets a look in because I think if he was still alive, he would have written a good song for this list. As it is, this is the most appropriate I could find.

 9. Cleanup Time 

John Lennon 


I don't think I'll give up my day job and become a musicologist (A real job. I've worked with some before). The number ten slot is empty for you to suggest the final track. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments along with the reason for your choice if it is not obvious. Thanks.
Happy Christmas and a Green New Year to you all.

 10 ?

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