Thursday, 7 February 2019

The road ahead

RenSMART has a plan. Not a small plan, a big plan, you might even call it an adventure, and its open for the whole world to join us in.

We started out with a plan to create a Renewable Energy Market Place (Rens Mart), the world was not quite ready for this, but as part of the process of building our business we started providing information to help people make decisions on whether to install a renewable energy system, and what specification to choose.

This has proved to be a popular service over the last couple of years. Now it is time for step 2.

Step 1 has provided a model to help estimate future energy use based on estimates and models.
Step 2 is to refine this service.

Firstly, rather than model existing energy use, we plan to help you capture the actual energy use at your location before installation.

Secondly, we will help you continue to capture this information once you have a renewable energy generation system installed and combine this information to give a real time energy use and export balance.

Thirdly we will provide you with a renewable energy forecast for the day and week ahead.

All of this will be made possible through an improved version of the RenSMART model, a software product we have been refining for some time and that will be made available as open source for wider scrutiny.

As we move forward, we will blog our progress.

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